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Centura Health's Trauma System at Penrose St. Francis

Trauma ConnectedPenrose-St. Francis is proud to be a part of the Centura Health Trauma System, a network of 15 trauma centers, emergency resources, Flight For Life® Colorado and a comprehensive statewide EMS support system. With Level I through Level V trauma centers, Centura Health provides the highest level of definitive trauma care from resuscitation to rehabilitation including highly-trained emergency physicians, surgeons, surgical specialists, nurses and other disciplines ready and able to provide immediate care.

Centura Health has implemented a system-wide trauma registry with more than 45,000 records that allows our facilities to share best practices and improve patient outcomes. We connect you with the best hearts and minds in medicine, sharing best practices and life-saving, leading edge technologies.

Centura's Trauma Outreach Coordinator works closely with rural facilities across the region to provide education and support. The best trauma care is prevention, and we are committed to providing our communities and our clinical partners with ongoing education.

Learn more about Centura Health's Connected trauma system

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