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Webb Medical Library

Webb Memorial Library serves the information needs of the physicians, nurses, employees and volunteers affiliated with Penrose-St. Francis Health Services facilities, as well as the needs of researchers, students, patients, families, and the general public.

For physicians and staff, the librarians perform literature searches, obtain books and articles, provide tables of contents and regular topic updates, and offer training in the use of medical databases.

The collection includes books, journals, videos, and computers which can be used to search the medical literature.

There is a consumer health collection with materials which can be checked out by the public. Other materials may be used in the library, and photocopiers are available.

The library is located at 2222 N. Nevada Ave., in the basement of the Margery Reed Professional Building.

To contact us: Phone: 719.776.5288
Fax: 719.776.5028
Or email at webblibrary@centura.org

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