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Patient Grievance Process

Should you have a complaint about your care, please ask to speak with the manager/supervisor of the department or area involved.  Our management staff will seek to resolve your issues to your satisfaction as soon as possible.

STEP 1:  If, in your judgment as a patient/family member, the issue has not been resolved by the manager or supervisor to your satisfaction, please ask to speak with a Patient Representative.  (During business hours, the Patient Representative can be reached at extension 776-5370.)  After hours and on weekends and holidays, dial the hospital operator "O" and ask to speak with the Nursing Administrative Supervisor, who will seek resolution of your issues.

After investigation and appropriate staff and management input, the Patient Representative will provide you written notice of the hospital's resolution of the grievance.  The written notice will include steps taken on your behalf to investigate the grievance, results of the grievance process, the date of completion and the appropriate hospital contact person.  Note:  Resolution is defined by the patient/family member, and may include a meeting with all involved parties.

STEP 2:   If you, the patient/family member, remain dissatisfied with the hospital's resolution, the matter will be referred within 3 working days to the hospital's chief Executive Officer/Chief Operations Officer or administrative designee.  The CEO/COO or designee will further investigate the issue and provide results to you in writing within 7 days.  (If the investigation requires more than 7 days, you will be notified for the reason of this delay and when you can expect a response.)

STEP 3:  If you, the patient/family member, are dissatisfied with the report from the hospital CEO/COO or designee, you may contact the Colorado Department of Public Health, Health Facilities Division, 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, CO 80246-1530, phone: 303-692-2904.  The Patient Representative is available to assist with this referral if requested by you.  Upon receipt of the written grievance, the Colorado Department of Health will, within 7 days, notify you that an investigation has been initiated.  A report in writing will be made to you and to the hospital as to the State's findings and/or recommendations within 14 days of notification, as according to Colorado Regulatory Statute 25-1-121.

Note:  The Patient Grievance Process excludes Patient Account/Billing issues.  These issues should be referred to Centura Patient Financial Services at 888-269-7001. 

NOTE: For Persons with Disabilities - Section 504 Grievance Procedure

Non-Discrimination Statement
Centura Health complies with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and no person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination in the provision of any care or service on the grounds of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, sexual preference, ancestry, age, familial status, disability or handicap.

Procedimiento para la Presentacion de Quejas Formales Basadas en la Seccion 504

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