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The John Zay Guest House

The John Zay Guest House is a beautiful hospitality residence available for outpatients receiving treatment at Penrose Hospital, and their loved ones.  Located on the northeast corner of Tejon and Madison, just south of Penrose Hospital, this home-away-from home for patients living 30 miles or more outside of Colorado Springs provides respite and an opportunity for families to remain together during a difficult time.

The house is named in remembrance of an extraordinary man, John Zay, who, as a former hospital Chaplain and a cancer survivor himself, comforted and inspired myriads of people, particularly those faced with catastrophic illness.

A great deal of thanks goes to George Hess, III, President of Vantage Homes, and Brad Ausmus, past President of HBA Cares, who oversaw the construction of this wonderful project.  Thanks also to the many trades people who donated their time, talent, and compassion, and helped see the project reach fruition on November 3, 2008.

If you'd like to make a donation to the John Zay Guest house, you can Donate Online now.  If you'd prefer to donate a specific item, please visit the John Zay Guest House Registry at Bed Bath and Beyond, click on Bridal and Gift Registry, then under "Give a Gift," enter Guest House for the first name and John Zay for the last name. Click on John Zay Guest House on the following page and you will receive a full list of items needed for this residence.

Thank you for supporting this very special house that love built!

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