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Burns are among the most painful physical injuries. Even a relatively minor burn can be intensely painful. A burn occurs when the skin comes in contact with heat, radiation, electricity or chemicals for a period long enough to cause damage. Many burn injuries happen in the home and most can be prevented.

The goals of our wound care team include teaching the patients and their families about:

  • understanding their specific burn care dressing change program
  • increasing fluid intake to prevent dehydration
  • controlling pain with their prescribed pain medications as well as using alternative methods
  • and preventing additional burn injuries by learning safety measures to use in the home

Burns will be treated on an outpatient basis when ordered by a physician. Treatment will include, but may not be limited to burns less than 20% Total Body Skin Area (TBSA) in an adult or less than 10% TBSA in a child. Deep burns involving 5% TBSA or less in an adult will be treated at the Wound Clinic with the exception of eyes, ears, face, hand, feet or perineum. All other burns are referred to the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Burn Unit. Children will be referred to Children's Hospital in Denver.

To see pictures of the different degrees of burns, click here, then click on the camera icons in the text.

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