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Pediatric Care

The Pediatric Care Unit at St. Francis Medical Center has 15 large private rooms, serving patients from 28 days to 18 years old.  Each patient room has a monitor that interfaces with a central monitor giving the nursing staff the ability to view each patient from multiple areas throughout the department. Our dedicated nurses are experts at providing pediatric patients the medical, surgical, orthopedic, oncology and chronic illness management care needed while offering a generous dose of TLC.

Our fish tank, special meals and child friendly décor help make a stay in the hospital a little easier. Of course, bringing along a few things from home will make your child's stay even more comfortable. Parents are encouraged to bring the following items if your child is hospitalized:

  • pajamas or comfortable clothing
  • underwear
  • slippers
  • a favorite toy or blanket
  • personal use toiletries for parent and child

Parents are always welcome to be with their child and accommodations are available for one parent to spend the night. The Ronald McDonald Family Room  is available for immediate family members of children in the NICU and Pediatric Care Unit to retreat from the hospital setting while still remaining in close proximity to your child.

Take a virtual tour of a pediatric patient room and the Ronald McDonald Family Room.

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