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Centura Home Infusion at Penrose-St. Francis

7015 Tall Oaks Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Home infusion therapy allows you to continue with your daily activities while receiving care in the comfort of your home or an alternate setting. A home infusion therapy program is similar to a hospital-based regimen; however, therapy delivered at home relies on some involvement from you and/or your caregiver. The benefit of that involvement is the your increased comfort and flexibility throughout the course of treatment.

Coordinating with the physician and nursing team, our pharmacist processes the prescription, prepares the drug, selects the delivery device, and monitors you for drug effectiveness and possible drug interactions. Your therapy progress is monitored through regular blood draws and laboratory work. Pharmacists review lab results and consult with your physician on possible changes in treatment. Our home care IV nurses perform skilled procedures, such as administering medication and starting IV lines, in addition to providing education and support.

Therapies provided by Centura Home Infusion include:

  • Parenteral and enteral nutrition
  • Intravenous antibiotic and antiviral therapies
  • Pain management
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hydration therapy
  • Immune Globulin
  • Other therapies such as: Synagis, Remicaide

Your physician, who can determine if this type of care is appropriate, must order home infusion services.

For more information, visit the Centura Health at Home Website.

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