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The Birth Center at St. Francis Medical Center

Look no further than The Birth Center at St. Francis Medical Center for a family-friendly and comfortable environment during this most joyous occasion.  All of your needs -- before, during and after the birth, will be handled with the highest level of care.  You can count on us to be there through it all. 

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Preadmission birth program allowing moms-to-be the option to be fully preadmitted before they go into labor, minimizing the interruption of their childbirth process
  • World-class obstetricians and a certified nurse midwife
  • Perinatologists to meet the needs of high-risk pregnancy moms-to-be
  • Classes to help moms, dads and family members prepare for birth, baby and beyond
  • First trimester screening including fetal echocardiograms and neurosonograms
  • Six spacious antepartum rooms with views of the Front Range
  • Seven triage rooms for patients at 20 weeks gestation or more
  • Twelve family-friendly labor/delivery rooms
  • A dedicated spa room for use in labor
  • Two dedicated C-section operating suites with three bays for post-anesthesia recovery
  • Thirty-four spacious post-partum mom/baby suites with Jacuzzi tubs or showers
  • Daybeds in each room for the comfort of Dad or a significant other
  • Comfortable, spacious family waiting areas with free wireless Internet access
  • "Hugs & Kisses" security system providing electronic mom/baby verification matching with comprehensive infant security
  • Neonatal/Maternal transport vehicle to respond to the needs of high-risk pregnancy moms-to-be and infants throughout southern Colorado
  • Level IIIA Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) should your baby need specialized care
  • Colorado Springs' only Medela® Certified Nursing Center
  • Lactation consultants and The Lactation Center Boutique supporting moms who want to breast-feed their baby
  • Infant photography services
  • Newborn Hope Resource Room


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